Sport Fitness


The concept of Physical Education is not new. Since the time of birth, a child engages in sports in various stages of life. “Physical education is the sum of those experiences which come to the individual through movements.”
The wholesome development of an individual is what we believe in at AMRIT MEMORIAL HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL . Our objective is to develop physical, mental, emotional, social, neuro-muscular co-ordination and health aspects of a child. Sports activities keep us fit.
AMRIT MEMORIAL HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL there are various sports and games. It’s a great opportunity for children to belong to this family and bring out the sportsman within. Archery, Athletics, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Caroms, Swimming, Skating, Tennis, Table-tennis, Horse-riding, Yoga and Gymnastics are few of the sports with expert trainers at AMRIT MEMORIAL HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL .
Sports are important as they enhance alertness of mind, knowledge of health and diseases, national integration, appreciation of beauty, human relations, discipline, tolerance, health and fitness and character building.