Welcome to Amrit Memorial Higher Secondary School

At our heart we are motivated by a mission to create a better world through education. We value our hard earned reputation for quality, for high standards and for pedagogical leadership. We achieve our goals by working with partners and by actively involving our teachers and parents. We aim to redefine a child’s life with grace and confidence. We aim to impart education with befitting practices, to inculcate good working habits, imbibe suitable social and cultural values. We aspire to develop in our pupils skills for lifelong learning. Our focus is to nurture and develop holistic world citizens who are well rounded personalities with admirable life skills and a

Chairman Message

Amrit Memorial Higher Secondary School is CBSE based co-education school and extend its service to the members of all communities without distinction of caste and creed. when we talk about education, it means developing such value as are enshrined in the scriptures of various religions.
Good education will bring awareness of one’s social responsibility, consciousness and above all moral value which along would take our country to the teigher of fame.
every child is a born genius but is just inactive. a few are recognized and majority of them go unrecognized. this is fate with human beigns.
our mission is to make quality education accessible to the new generation who would determine the country’s future.

Principal’s Message

In this rapidly changing world a child needs an environment where he/she ca realise his/her potential and make his dream come true. we at Amrit memorial higher secondary
school provide the child an atmosphere beyond the academic boundaries so that it empowers him to gain self confidence and soar to new heights

We believe that students should be encouraged to learn independently. if they construct their own learning experiences they will not only retain information longer, but they will also become more confident in there abilities that will help them to realize their full potential.

Our endeavor at Amrit memorial higher secondary school is to build a relation of trust, confidence, skill and deep human values.